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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  October 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by universal windows direct. you will be saying i love my windows and now channel 3 news today. >> reporter: should be a little smoother sailing into downtown cleveland this morning because the officially opened making the commute a little less hectic they hope. details coming up john. >> all right will. we are the underdogs and that's just the way we like it from lineups to injuries how your cleveland indians are getting ready for game one of the world series. >> also infant sleep safety. new guidelines that could change the way you feed your baby. hi hollie. >> hey good morning. it's great to see you. it's 6:00 sharp, monday october
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we get into today. cloud cover to start and the sun is not up until 7:50 but it's mainly overcast and we can't rule out a sprinkle especially if you are east. otherwise we will brighten up the skies but here's the catch. temperatures are not going to move much. we will end up below 50s more or less steady throughout the day so not a lot of movement from where we are currently which is pretty close to 50 degrees for most of you. 53 akron canton and it's cleveland. on future view we do tracking we will see the shower chances mainly east through the morning hours. >> the big deal. this is not at all going to be anything that you know dampens your start to the week. getting into the afternoon, it's more prevalent as far as sunshine and we have clear skies as we get into the evening. 68 yesterday was in nominal. we will look ahead tomorrow.
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see how weather works and also the rest of the week. right now danielle has a check of the monday morning drive. >> reporter: good morning i hope you are getting a great start to your monday morning. we look at the traffic map into the south for those commuting to the south we have green which means normal drive times. no accidents to the south. to the north we are waiting for the accident to clear out 480 east approaching the this road you see a little stop and traffic approaching. ed by -- it's about a 2 to 3 minutes delay. on the west show normal. all of the highways 71, 9 # and jennings normal drive times into downtown. 77 looks great into downtown as well as the east shoreway. normal drive times. lynna back to you we have breaking news 9 fire departments were called in to help put out out an early
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tmz snows the home swallowed up in flames. the elyria firehouse says there was not inform watter to -- not enough watter to fight the fire so tanker trucks were brought in. the family that lives in the house is out of state on vacation. no one was hurt. this morning, traffic may move a little more smoothly as you near downtown. the george voinovich bridge is opened and real traffic. >> will ujek has the details and it hads more beauty to downtown. hi will. >> reporter: it does. looking behind me they have it decked out in the indians red and blue and it looks great and commuters will appreciate having a couple more lanes to filter into downtown with. this project five years a little more than in the making. 500 million dollar in the making. it's finally done completely opened. the project started back in
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bridge was demolished in 2014. crews work around the calendar to get the other bridge complete this morning i-90 east reopens two lanes. i-71 north two lanes. and entrance from state route 176 and other lanes that's 5 total in the eastbound direction. west 14th street entrance ramp, that's opened. and the ramp from i-77 north to i-90 east goes back to one lane and you will have access from 19ea commuters a day that uses the bridge still more work. i-77 north to i-490 will close briefly this coming weekend for a couple things but other than that it should be smooth sailing for people especially this morning happy to see they have more lane usage and options to go for to get downtown. >> all right thanks so much
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game one of the world series is tomorrow night right here in cleveland. >> so the cubs are in town and today's the official workout day for both teamch indians health a team workout last night at progressive field. jason didn't take part he now has a low ankle sprain from celebrating the toronto win. salazar threw a simulated game in hopes to make the roster he. we will find out more about that today and no surprise but for the third series in a row theindians are the underdog and espn is running a national poll almost 13,000 folks and 65% say cubs will win the world series. terry francona gave us an idea of the rotation and how it will work. kluber works in game one bauer and tomlin start 2 and 3 and we will have to fiend out the
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right pinky that will determine the order. merritt and salazar could factor in to the equation. >> and to keep up with the large clouds expected for the world series and world series watch party the rta will up service 5 dollar round trip commemorative pass will be sold. all rail lines operate up to an hour after the game and even if extra innings are needed and all of the tribe coverage continues at you can find a full at the world series schedule. and the special look at indians ace andrew miller from opening the season as a yankee to earning the nickname the angel of death among toronto media members during the alcs. time is 6:06. and opponents of the nexis pipeline call it a bombshell a new proposed route not revealed until the end of public hearingsch the group sustainable medina county will
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through summit and lorain counties there have been public hearings but opponents want new hearings on the new route. the meeting is tonight at the medina couldn'ty -- county library at 6:30. rocky river police arrest three people suspected of abducting a woman at gunpoint yesterday and it happened on detroit road near linda street. they pulled a gun on a 26-year- old woman and told her to get into the car. within 10 minutes of the police, officers arrested them. victim is safe and was not hurt. officers think there may have been a property dispute between the woman and one of the suspects. time is 6:07. did you watch the sunday night football game? this was the best part of the overtime the coin flip. that's how sad this overtime was. biggest losers coming up along woo winner. -- along with a winner. >> and fact check the
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all possible. hollie. >> okay we have got a check on your commuter forecast which is dry but we could have a little sprinkle. we will look at radar coming up but the plan is a cooler breezy day. low 50s grab the fall jackets. a little he extra something warm in that travel mug today. it's going to be a brighter end to your monday. wait until you see what's ahead too. it's 6:08. we are all about the a world series game one tomorrow
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6:11. lisa -- lynna dozens were killed and dozens more injured what tour bus crashed into tractor trailer. >> maureen kyle joins with us more. >> reporter: that's one of the
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where the bus was headed to losses from a cay -- los angeles from a casino trip. investigators think speed could have played a factor but they are not officially naming a cause. there is construction in that area but this was the only accident. the crash happened just after 5 in the morning. so most of the passengers were asleep. and there were no seat belts on the bus. there are new sleep recommendation from the american academy of pediatrics to help reduce infant deaths. doctors are now emphasizing the dangers andrecommend babies sleep in a crib or bassinet in their parents room for at least the first 6 months. babies should be the only thing in the bed and skin to skin contact after birth can help prevent sid. doctors recommend giving babies pacifiers while they sleep. during every election politicians make some claims something real something outlandish but now amazon is going to help you fact check
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fact check any politician. it will scam facts from websites. you have to start your question by saying alexa ask the fact checkers and then you ask the question. so, that's how you start any question but if you hear something during we don't have more debales but if you hear something during a rally and have a question just pop up the amazon beingo and ask the question. >> okay. alexa will give us e i got a lot of requests right now. >> overload. >> yeah. >> wait your turn. >> it will fry out. >> alexa is getting upset. >> we have alexa in our house. >> do you. >> yeah my kid they -- kids they like asking it to make crude sounds which it does. >> that's good to know. >> news you can use. >> kids. hollie you know. >> you can use it for a laugh
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>> humor around the breakfast table how many of you are in that same boat let's be honest. look at speak of breakfast, the bus stop forecast and kids getting out the door today. we have got 50s so, a jean jacket or a fall jacket is a good idea. this you know day is going to be much cooler. we hit 68 yesterday. so, we have got a breezy day as well. and some cloud cover to start. sprinkle with the question marketing mainly east otherwise we are in for su afternoon. 6:14 right now. and the day ahead showing off at 51 degree high. so, again, we are pretty much at where we will be throughout the day give or take a couple degrees. and we are talking all across the board. temperatures in the low 50s. pretty big difference for sure. 7:50 is when the sun comes up. we have cloud cover to begin. we start to see peeks of sunshine late irin the day. by this afternoon -- later in the day i think by this afternoon keeping the cloud
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least partly cloudy skies by early afternoon today. so hang in there and as far as temperatures for now it's going to be cool day compared to yesterday, this is nice for this time of the morning. to be in the 50s at this time of the day. tomorrow morning this same time will be different. we are expecting more clear skies and upper 30s to low 40s a lot of the low 50s here as we wake up. now, it's dry and it's definitely a cool breezy weather in place. but we are not seeing any rain at this time. so totally dry as you wake up heading out and -- heading out and getting ready to leave. you can hear the forecast wtam and futurecast is showing the chance anyway of a few of the lake-effect showers to the east through this morning. ashtabula county especially. otherwise partly cloudy skies is the plan today. getting more clear as we get towards dinner time this
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window nation 7-day forecast is such an exciting week. game one of the world series tomorrow. obviously it's in the evening. we are planning on temperatures in the 40s for that. but it's going to be dry. and then we have got rain moving in for wednesday but not until late. thursday looks like our best chance of rain showers so we should be good both you know tomorrow and wednesday. and then it looks like 50s to near 60 degrees as we get into the first part of the weekend. 6:16 and here's a check drive. >>wkyc traffic is brought to you by mike bass ford get a great deal and great deal more at mike bass ford. >> reporter: welcome to your monday. we look at this traffic map for those leaving the house within the next few minutes and we are green on the map. the one incident we are waiting to clear out is the 480 eastbound accident as you approaching tiedeman road. the left lane is blocked and i tracked stop and go traffic but
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west 140th street we are looking great. so you look at 480 east between 237 and jennings. 7 minutes hded east and west and we are okay in terms of drive times. don't forget when you hit theroads tune into wtam1100 total traffic. john. >> thank you. time for the biggest winners and losers in sports. it was easy to find the biggest losers. i just had to look at my network. i will poor nbc and all the viewers who sat through the cardinals seahawks game. here it is. tough to watch when it locks like neither team wants to wint game. cardinals with a chance to win in overtime. all right seattle here's your golden chance. here it is for the win. he missed it. a24 and 28 yard field goals missed in the final minutes. al michaels yelled how in the word and chris was laughing.
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the second kicker think he felt sorry for the first kicker and missed it on purpose. it ends in a 6-6 time the first nfl tie without a touchdown scored sense i was a little boy i was 7 in 1972. oh. >> wow. >> here are my biggest winners they know how to win games. this is the red freshman youth football team from wadsworth. they won all the games perfect 8-0 season. how about the offense scored 271 points. the defense gave up zero. >> wow. >> team is now headed to the state tournament in sandusky in november good luck in the state tournament. and congratulations on a great season so far. 271 to 0. >> wow. >> i am pushing for nbc to put their game on sunday night instead of the seahawks and cardinals. >> can they wear brown and orange too. >> that's in the works too.
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so great job to the team. wow. not give up one point all season. >> no kidding. i thought that overtime game was interesting. it was kind of funny. >> i am serious. did he feel sorry for the other kicker? >> we all felt sorry for him. 6:19. hot gifts for the holiday. most requested gifts and when you should buy them as more money for me series continues. >> indians get ready for the world series. we are getting you geared up. hollie welcome back. >> oh thank you so much john. good to be back. good to see you and all your smiling faces. look at this stunner. and we are naming it that stunning cle. john can captured the pictures back a few weeks ago when we had the heart walk if you remember and john was out watching and joining the crowd and captured beautiful shots of our amazing city. it's coming up on 6:20.
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local college student selling products on a major corporation and a hollywood star are all right now among perher customers. >> and matt you are not done you are working overtime and you have indians gear. >> reporter: yeah i do one ways to save and i will do three. the first of the deal drops on tribe gear represent by cay and official merchandise to support the team as they win the world series they have won i am calling it so get the gear >> okay. >> i like that. >> you tell them hollie. >> just go to hollie. >> you declare it and we are doing it. i love the attitude around here. we have got a good looking day. we do. it's going to be cooler but you know what, we will see sunshine into the afternoon and could have a little sprinkle this morning and so war we have been dry but notice steady. in the low 50s today. so you better grab that fall
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and it looks like we have a lot of clear skies on the travel map to the west. and this is good news because that is going to equal sunshine and i think into the afternoon we will start to see an increase in some sunshine. and most certainly as we get into your world series tuesday. 56 in chicago today. we are 77 denver and minneapolis in the mid-50s along with detroit and we will take a look at the forecast and the rest of the week and we will talk exactly what to expect for the game tomorrow night too john and lynna. >> 6:26. not hundreds but thousands world series prices the highest in a decade. what to expect to -- what you can expect to pay for the hottest seats in the country. >> fans can score on free food by showing your indians pride.
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i am lynna lai. >> i am john anderson and hollie will have the forecast in moments. but first we are start with breaking news this morning. a fire is under investigation in elyria township that started overnight in a home on rosewood street. these pictures are from tmc news. they show the home engulfed in flames. the family who lives here is on vacation. fire tankers had to truck water
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9 area fire departments respond to the file. the trial will begin against the cleveland man accused of killing a gas station owner during a robbery. prosecutors say 21-year-old logan sinclair held up a gas station at gun . but the own hear gun of his own. they exchanged shots and one man was killed. sinclair faces aggrevated murder kidnapping and felony assault charges. for the browns it's another quarterback gets hurt. cody kessler has a concussion. hogan rushed for 104 yard in the game against the bengals. take on tackleers but again, all kinds of -- tacklers but again all kinds of problems. listen to this stat. browns become the first team in a nonstrike year to have 6 different quarterbacks throw a pass in the first 7 games. the last team the 1976
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14. the browns are 0p 7. the 2-5 jets are here sunday. the 2-5 jets could come in and be a favorite. kevin hogan though gutsy effort again. >> just still not enough. >> oh no. >> a nice brisk morning to start your workweek. let's go over to hollie maybe sunshine to brighten up our day. >> that would be great. we will brighten it up you better believe it and we brighten u 68 degrees the official high. not as warm breezy and cooler is the vibe today. and steady as far as temperatures and the way it feels now is how it isl feel throughout the day. 6:32 and we plan on low 50s can't rule out a little sprinkle to the east this morning. otherwise i think we will see an increase in sunshine as we head into the afternoon. you are about all right around 50 degrees and we are noticing quite a bit of cloud cover to start on future view, the
6:33 am
to those of you mainly east and it's just a chance not a guarantee you will see rain even if you are in ashtabula. it's dry everywhere right now. partly cloudy skies in the afternoon and clearing out tonight which is going to mean cool weather as we start off our tuesday. we will get into your tuesday world series forecast. but first let's check the drive with danielle to see how things are moving along. >> reporter: another championship in el the traffic map and good news for those who take 480 east. the accident near tiedeman road cleared out. all green in that area. and speaking of clearing, 71 north typically i say at this time you always have slow downs because of the construction near the inner belt bridge but look outside 71, at clark avenue the cones are gone. so you have a free commute into downtown. lanes are opened into the inner
6:34 am
voinovich bridge 71 between 480 and 490 a 7 minute commute normal drive times and no accidents. john and lynna back to you. >> free flowing it is because yes, the george voinovich ridge is -- bridge is officially opened. >> will ujek is there live and is keeping a eye on how traffic is going. we will see build up a little bit. from your vantage point it looks great. >> reporter: yeah and if you can hear through the mic you can hear the traffic and that's music to commuter's ears because they have been waiting for this over five years and 500 million dollars in the making of the bridge completely opened. the project started in 2011 with a construction of the westbound bridge then. and the previous inner belt was demolished in 2014. crews worked around the calendar to get the bridge complete and this morning i-90 east reopens two lanes entering
6:35 am
entrance from i-7-- 176 also opened that's 5 total. west 14th street to i-90 east that's reopened. the ramp to i-77 to i-90 east gets back to one lane and you will have being a test to karn -- you will have access to karn gay' -- carnegie avenue. largest project in odot's history affecting 140,000 daily commuters who now a little more free flowing starting this mog. on the road to the white house donald trump and hillary clinton will campaign in battleground states today. >> this comes as clinton pulls ahead with a 12 point lead now in the national polls. yesterday, trump started a 3- day campaign blitz in the battleground state of florida where he hopes to appeal to undecided voters. meanwhile trump received the
6:36 am
backs the editorial describing him as flawed but a better choice of hillary clinton. the up. >> is owned by a billionaire casino owner who is a long time gop donor. mike pens will stop in northeast ohio this week holding a rally -- pence will stop in northeast ohio this week holding a rally. on the democratic side vice presid ohio campaigning for clinton and will make stops in toledo and dayton. he will encourage ohioans to vote early. later this week clinton's daughter chelsea will be campaigning in northeast ohio. she will make an appearance in cleveland wednesday morning. time and location have not been announced but tickets are available on clinton's campaign website. now here's maureen. >> reporter: a manhunt is
6:37 am
officers were shot outside oklahoma city when they responded to a call shots fired. police say the suspects started shooting at them with an ak-47. one suspect is in custody at this point but they are looking for a man who got away even though he was shot twice. he stole a police car and then car jacked a woman and took off in her car which was later found with two bodies in it. the officer and the woman who was car jacked suffered only nonlife-threatening injuries. people were in the middle ofwo when they found themselves in the middle of an accident scene. police say a car swerved to avoid another accident on the road when it crashed into mount zion ame church. up to a dozen people were injured and one had to be airlifted to the hospital. the pastor says nearly 300 people were inside the church at the time. no word on whether the driver will face charges. indian fans if you want a chipotle deal you are in luck
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one burritos bowls salads or orders of tacos for wearing your tribe gear tomorrow. the offer is for in restaurant orders only from 4 until 10 p.m. which has a lot of people scrambling to find where's my tribe gear how much can i wear and get that lunch. >> yeah. >> and how many times can i go back with different gear. >> if i walk in with a bobblehead does that count. >> sure why not. >> why not. >> >> they are trying hard. >> they are. any time they can get a deal. 6:38. the top trending stories are ahead. >> of course we have a check with matt granet. >> reporter: i have the tribe deals on but after the break the first of the major black friday door busters one month early. hollie i am so excited i am going to use this in the shower. >> oh my gosh. we are going where we have
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at 6:39 in the morning. all right. we have a look at the forecast breezy cooler and we are going to see some sun. it's going to be a bit delayed because we plan on cloud cover to kick things off. 7:50 sunrise time today. fall jackets you will need them. we will see what's ahead as we talk -- if we are talking warmups john. >> all right. lost in translation how donald trump's son ended up for possession with pictures for a woman openly protesting his
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6:42 right now a picture of donald trump's son is going wild on social media this morning. >> and if you want to see the world series you may have to take out a loan or be really nice to maureen kyle because i think she has connections. what's trending. >> reporter: that's a rumor. no one knock on my door. let's start with this trump
6:43 am
and his wife with two sisters. the picture is shared across social media. it's 78,000 times it's up to it at this point because they were at a trump rally and posed with the peckture for a sister one said latina contra trump contra means against. this was shared 78,000 times. eric trump has not responded to the tweet or made a comment another person trending online this morning we have not done justin bieber news in while e tried to have a fill ssh -- he tried to have a philosophical moment at his concert and the crowned didn't want to listen -- crowd didn't want to listen and he said something about remember why we were here and he got so upset he dropped the mic and walked off stage. now twitter is lighting up with people coming to his defense
6:44 am
the video of the concert is shared all over social media. if you have a stance on this, you get to weigh in. all right. everyone loves the underdog and the world series is proving to shape up like that. here is stubhub. these are starting prices for tickets. the game one 750 is where the starting price the fall classic is shaping up to have the highest ticket prices in according to ticket iq the average price to attend a game in cleveland is a average of $3500 in chicago it will cost almost double the average ticket price at 6600 dollars. so these prices are just the starting what i mentioned during the video. that's the average price so you could spend i don't know, house payment on one of the tickets but is it worth it? that's the question i guess
6:45 am
to give you the mind-- >> themselves. >> to give you a mind set a friend of mine asked if i could get them tickets in cleveland she says i can't get them in chicago. you think you can get them here. >> right. >> but that's. >> i have a feeling a lot of people will be burning up that highway. >> right. she is staying home and watching it on tv. >> so am i. >> all right let's go over to matt wow. we the shower that sounds crazy. >> reporter: wiewr dis-- viewer discretion advised but the point is not to disgust you but to show you i tuft everything and i promise if you watch this morning's show we will get you every major black friday doorbuster one month early and i kick that off today. look first at the deal that is fueled by the disappearing sports on iphone 7 but what i
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top rated noise cancellation hd, completely wireless headphones. people look at the reviews. we are going far above beats today with a 70% off deal. 78% to be precise. this is what people will be lining up for across the country. except i posted this to under 40 bucks tested in the shower. hello. i just jamming in the shower. like to shooting this video. >> you are welcome. >> reporter: the headphones are soaking wet but they are streaming music at a fraction of the price of beats at better audio quality i love this. yes i don't know if you could hear over our music but i was playing jingle bells in the shower with no problem why did you want have to see that? we wanted to show you it works.
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resistant is great for the gym because it's water proof. >> i love how you confirmed that's your wife shooting the video. >> reporter: no interns were harmed in the making of the video. or videographers. >> very good. >> that we know of. here's hollie with the forecast. >> maybe you are just stepping out of the shower right now. yeah. so, grab the cozy robe because it's little cool and it will be chilly as we head through today compared to yesterday. i mean 68 degrees yesterday. normal high is 60. we will stay steady in the 50s. look at the cutie pies. playing with leaves and i think low 50s at the bus stop. cooler and breezy and more overcast to start. a sprinkle with a question mark. most of you will probably be dry and we will brighten it up later on today. the low 50s the plan and that's really for all of you.
6:48 am
the low 50s today. we are not going to move much is the moral of the story from where we are right now. a lot of cloud cover here to begin but we will see some brighter skies to hang in there. and although we are saying cooler today, for this time of the day this is decent. it's not going to move much. looking to the north and west you see 30s and we will be there tomorrow i think but in the meantime, it's around 50 degrees. heading out that do fleece and smile it's world series week in cleveland and it's clear. we have got the cooler vibe and zoom in closer because i was talking about that sprinkle with a question mark you are all dry as you wake up. there's not a drop of rain to worry about at this point. the best opportunity if we were to see any kind of shower would be to the east. otherwise, we get past the morning and those chances fade and we are in for more sunshine.
6:49 am
and especially towards dinner time today. window nation 7-day forecast 50s for highs pretty much through the week. that's a very consistent theme. we will get a closer to 60 first part of the weekend. best chance of rain this week is thursday. dry tomorrow. which means dry for our first world series game and even wednesday, that chance of rain is like nighttime at this point. we will post those should it change. doggone weather 6:49. that's who you are staring at on your television. mike sent the picture in. again, that's rocky, dewey, buddy and sonny. >> that's quite a family. >> aren't they great? >> i know thanks much. all the info you need before heading out. >> let's check in with will right now. >> reporter: good morning guys. a good news, bad news situation. we are talking about the inner belt bridge the voinovich bridge opened.
6:50 am
with lights on and we will give
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6:52 am
welcome back to channel 3 news today we begin the morning rush with good news for daily commuters into downtown cleveland. as the voinovich bridge is officially opened here. this is over five years and 500 million dollars in the making. completely opened. it started in 2011 and they demolished the old bridge in 2014 and now today there's
6:53 am
in each direction and everything is wide open with the largest project in odot's history affecting 140,000 daily commuters. we have told you and you can see brake lights and backup. danielle wigins will have details on a accident but typically this is wide opened john. >> will all right. game one of the world series is tomorrow night in cleveland. cubs are in up to and this is the official workout day. the team held a rk low ankle sprain from celebrating the toronto win but will be good to go tomorrow. and to keep up with large clouds for the world series and worldseries watch parties the rta upped the service 5 dollar round trip commemorative world series passes will be sold. all rail lines will operate up to an hour after game and even if extra innings are needed. 9 fire departments responded to this early morning
6:54 am
on rosewood street. the pictures from tmc news shows a home swallowed up in flames. the ohere yeah fire department tells thus was not enough water to fight the fire so tankers were brought in to bring more water to the scene. the family who lives there is out of state on vacation right now. no one was hurt. danielle. >> reporter: thank so much -- thanks so much. biggest delays is 77 north into downtown cleveland because of this accident the 0 near carnegie. near east 22nd street you have the stop and go traffic. you also have stop and go traffic 77 north from harvard avenue. here's the picture near i-90. and the drive time on 77 is 21 minutes. that's typically a 7-minute drive. hollie. >> 6:54 and we will start off with a little more cloud cover than we end up with. that's good. that means more sunshine on the way. breezy cooler low 50s today.
6:55 am
the east this morning. right now you are all dry. it's the world series tuesday and the weather looks phenomenal. we will be sunny and cool fallish. rain wednesday night. better chances thursday and then we are close to 60 first part of the weekend. so we have showered matt what's next? >> reporter: thanks hollie. we have your key to tribe pride. biggest sale we have seen online is on will also have the door buster that i tested in the shower and tomorrow all dry. >> that's it. >> reporter: just like the laptop 70% off. >> we will see you throughout the morning on the today show and live at the ball park tomorrow morning. >> that's so exciting. >> i know. have a great day. >> thanks for watching channel 3 news. take channel 3 news and weather wherever you go text wkyc to 25543 now to down load the
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time running out. a new poll shows donald trump now 12 points behind hillary clinton with just over two weeks to go. top republican strategist karl rove saying a win is unlikely. >> i don't see it happening. >> trump, not giving up. >> we are going to win >> clinton sounding confident. >> i debated him for four and a half hours. i don't even think about responding to him anymore. >> so is it over, or can trump turn the tide in the next 15 days? horrific crash. speed and driver fatigue possibly behind a tour bus accident in southern california that left 13 people dead and 31 others injured. this morning, the latest on the investigation.


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